And through it all, love remains

Welcome back, friends!

It’s been almost a year since I last posted here, something I find difficult to both admit and believe. Nonetheless, as a former editor of mine used to say, facts is facts, and them’s the digs.

The simple truth is, when you write all day for a living, it’s hard to want to come home and bang out some fresh, bright and readable copy for a personal project — even one that supports your small business. But old habits die hard, and since I traded in my reporter’s notebook for a professor’s podium a few weeks ago, I’m finding my creative tendencies can’t be squashed just by growing squash.

So back to the blogosphere we go.

Back to a world where we make and spin webs of laughter, love and really good food from the confines of our humble 43-acre ranchette. Back to stories about growing our organic vegetable, herb and squash gardens; and back to tales based on tails. Back we go to offering an inside look at life on a ranch where we use organic techniques and humane husbandry to raise chickens, turkeys, sheep and rabbits based on our commitment to simplicity, sincerity and sustainability.

Let’s be candid: 2020 has been a hellscape. Collectively, we are fumbling our way through an unprecedented-in-our-lifetime pandemic, economic shutdowns and stay-at-home orders; through civic unrest and global demands for equity unequaled since the late 1960s; through climate change and environmental crises; through a presidential campaign that quickly escalated from derailed to batshit crazy … hell, even the critters got on board! (Remember the so-called “murder hornets”? They kind of got shoved to the headline back burner, didn’t they?)

But the fact remains that, despite all of this insanity, there is still so much beauty and love out there and so much yet to celebrate. There’s family and friends with whom to share laughter and a delicious meal, plants to tend and help grow, students to educate and critters, both feathered and furred, to care for in return for their love.

And so here we are, again. Welcome back to High Plains Ranch! I appreciate you sharing a little bit of time with us.